Blank Rewards Page On Latest Android Brave Version

Their was a banner that popped up on my homepage that said “Need a refresher on brave rewards”

I clicked it, but then my brave rewards page no longer loaded. I cant get it to load up still.

Think it may be a bug.

Same issue, Brave reward setting page is not loading, it’s just blank on my Android Phone. But wallet is still connected, not sure ads are counting, and unable to change any settings. Please help.

@Mattches can you help?

Can you please tell me the Brave version you’re using on your device as well as the type of device you’re using?

@matches Im on version 1.33.106

Device: LG STYLO 5

So let get this straight. Not only is brave centralized. But it also censors peoples opinions. Got it.

Hi thanks for the response and sorry for the delay.

Brave 1.33.106,
My mobile version is Android 11.

What type/model of device are you using when you see this issue?

I am using OnePlus 6T (A6010 ) Android version

Thank you for the information. I’ve passed this information onto the team for further review – we do appreciate your patience.

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Hi… any updates? I still can’t see the reward page. But receiving ads and clicking them, hope it’s counting. :slight_smile:

Can anyone here encountering this issue try downloading the Nightly build of the browser from the Google Play store and see if you get the same behavior there?

Hi I tried Nightly and it’s working fine, I can see reward page. But not able to connect wallet it’s connected to maximum device. Do i need to disconnect upload from my original brave and connect to nightly?

Nightly is essentially the Beta build of Brave, so if it is fixed there that means that an update should be coming to fix it on the main build
I wouldnt bother trying to switch your wallet verification at this time, just wait for the issue to be fixed on the main app

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@Duck is absolutely correct here. It also gives us useful information to know this issue doesn’t persist across builds. I’ve let the team know about this as well. My guess would be that Rewards is still working just fine but the page is simply not displaying – meaning that earnings are still going through and everything is working normally other than the display. I would also wager that the next browser update will resolve this issue.

Will reply here again when I have more information for you.


Hi I reinstalled Brave and now it’s showing the ad settings page. I received BATs to my uphold, But now i am not able to verify the uphold.
checked brave://rewards-internal
It’s showing External Wallet is not connected. But in my uphold account it says I have authorised brave.

It says device limit reached, but i am using only 2 devices. PC shows verified, after reinstalling brave on my Android Phone i am not able to verify.

You have to use this to reset a old device. Unable to re-verify wallet - #118 by Mattches Unfortunately since you re installed Brave it counts as a new install.

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