Didn't get the November ads Payout

I have been using 3 profiles in brave browser on my PC(windows) and I have collected 10 BAT in each profile since another 2 profiles were used by my brothers and I have a verified uphold account and connected to these profiles from the beginning. Last month I got payout but I didn’t get November month ads payouts it is not that i’am not getting ads, i am getting ads. I wonder my mobile browser got Payout this morning that my PC browser not yet. Please contact me as soon as possible and resolve my issue otherwise I have to lose 30 BAT in total and brave rewards team has to take full responsibility for this.

Every one , be patient, I think you will get your ads reward very soon . I think It may be late because of large list .
Good luck for everyone

Hello @Rubelsarker

check this November Brave Ads Payout Status

the payment take times

it expected and have a nice day