Rewards missing?

i just checked my rewards-internals and it shows me that i am missing over 150 Bat from around 3 months ago. Can anyone help me ?

I had the same issue. One of the mods here told me to send him my Brave account details, which I foolishly did almost a week ago. I have heard nothing and he’s not replied to my follow-up emails so I think I was scammed. Proceed carefully, Stronghold, I believe this is a common issue regarding an upgrade, but I don’t know how to get the funds back.

When I switched from PC to laptop suddenly 50 BAT went missing. If I find a solution I will let you know

Had the same was told to be patient for an update but nothing has worked. Does anyone know how to escalate this beyond the community forums because I have seen lots of people with the same issue, its a big fault.

How did you know that through your Internal?
Like where u see that such amount was missing

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