Rewards gone to 0.000BAT after connecting Uphold account

With the news that Brave is abandoning it’s rewards, I made an Uphold account to connect it to the browser as to not lost the BATs, but now it shows 0.000BAT and there’s nothing on the wallet.

The browser is up to date (Version 1.59.120 Chromium: 118.0.5993.88 (Official Build) (64-bit)) and both the rewards program and the Uphold wallet are set to the same country (Brazil). It appears as it was resetted, but I didn’t reset it, just connected to an account (You have to authorize the reset). What happened???

It withdrew any vBAT you had and it’s processing to send. For small amounts, it can take up to 2-3 days to appear (though usually in 24 hours). Larger amounts of BAT might take until the next payout (which is around November 7) before it appears.

When did you connect to Uphold?

Today, October 25th.
I found it weird because aside from the “Earnings so far: Oct” that still show some numbers, all other statistics are just gone, like it never had any BAT.
I only connected the Uphold account, I don’t remember any warning about values nor anything like that, just the normal one about connecting accounts.
On Brave Rewards settings, the payment ID says it’s been created years ago, when I started using Brave Browser, by the way.

@alantominaga Right, so like I said, it takes time to show up. I don’t know how much BAT you had. If smaller amount, I’d say it likely would be in your account by now.

That said, you can always complete a Rewards Support Ticket at if you’re concerned and Brave will look into it and make sure to help resolve any problems, if any exist.

Well, I already opened a ticket, like I said on the topic you closed for being duplicate, while it wasn’t really a duplicate. In that topic I explained that unfortunately it wasn’t because “it takes time to show up”, Brave Support itself said me connecting the Uphold Account to my Brave Rewards was flagged was irregular activity and they won’t give back my balance, and then asked how it is an irregular activity, since the browser itself told me to do…

@alantominaga Duplicate in that they were on the same issue. Even if phrasing differed. Just so you know, it’s not that connecting to Uphold was the irregular activity. Brave has had a poor design in their notification system for when accounts are flagged. You only find out if you are flagged one of two ways:

  1. You try to connect/reconnect to a custodial partner, at which point it refuses and says your profile is flagged.


  1. Your payment goes missing and you file a support ticket. You then find out it didn’t arrive because the account is flagged.

Brave never discloses what particular activity resulted in someone being flagged. What is said is that it’s generally people violating Terms of Service and/or abusing Rewards.

It seems like what happened is when you connected, Brave’s systems tried to reconcile your balance and analyzed data prior to finalizing payment. While doing that, they discovered a problem and your account was flagged/suspended. And if they said they have reviewed it and it won’t be reinstated, then it means they are certain you’ve done something you shouldn’t have.

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