Rewards claimed before connecting a verified uphold account

hi… I would like to ask what to do so that the brave rewards I have claimed, before I had a verified uphold account, will be sent to my verified uphold account? will it be automatic? or do I have to do something to receive it? Thank you…

if you had claimed bat tokens even before verifying, then they will be sent to your uphold account right after the verification.

Thanks for your reply… only the jan 2022 rewards was sent to my uphold. I still have bat tokens in brave browser from july to dec 2021, do you think they will send that to my uphold in the coming months? or do I need to talk to brave support?

for me, when I am verified with uphold all the previous bat claims were sent to uphold right away. The same worked in the case of my friend.
If you still didn’t receive your payouts from July to Dec 2021 contact the support.

thank you… hope they will help…

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