After verifying with Uphold, am i supposed to claim the BAT I've earned, or does it transfer to Uphold automatically?

I am asking because after i verified with uphold, my BAT disappeared and other people say that it just goes to their Uphold.

That is correct, with Uphold funds will be deposited into your Uphold account automatically without the need to claim.

I am asking because after I verified. (11 days ago) my BAT disappeared and did not go to my Uphold. Is it supposed to be quick? in my log it says ‘promotion claimed’ for the amount of BAT I had, just like it says for the March payout.

Please send me your wallet payment ID, found on your brave://rewards-internals page.

Also note that I may not respond quickly as it is the weekend and I am not in my office at this time.
Thank you.

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Is it better to just put a request to Brave support? because I already have a couple days ago, and I’m afraid I’m getting ignored. Is there any form of contact that ensures I’ll be responded to?

Both options will ensure a response.

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I believe that the payout problem for March 2022 is resolved, all the BAT that was presumed lost was transfer ed to my custodial wallet, now everything is working smooth and fine form me…

Thank You Brave Team for your Hard work

OK. I just sent a message

Hola, que tal. Mi pago de recompensas Brave no llega a aún a mi cuenta de uphold. Podrían verlo por favor :pray:. Gracias!!!

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