Rewards Claim Captcha + Low Reward Per Ad Ratio

I’m new to Brave browser and I wanted to claim 2 BAT’s (for ~60 ads, that’s very low reward per ad ratio, unlike what I saw here on the forum). I clicked the button and the captcha popped out. image How should I claim it? The goal is to drag the logo to the middle of the shape mentioned next to it right? But when I do that, the captcha just says “Hm, not quite”, and it resets. Will I be getting higher rewards someday? And how to do the captcha thing?
Thanks for answers!

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Yeah, its happening to me too. I am guessing its some kind of bug and will get solved soon. @steeven any comments on this !

I found a “solution”. Just claim it from the BAT icon (next to the search bar) while browsing any website.

@MrDanielko where are you from? May i help you?

@ptphonemedia I’m from Czech Republic and you may help me :smiley:

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