Reward not received

Since sign-up of Brave browser and also sent my referral link when I signed up, no rewards were given. so ever since sign-up my bat wallet is not even more than 3Bat. I think its more than 2 years already and still my bat is not more than 3Bat. So I do believe that BAT or Brave is not giving a just rewards for its users. It is so disappointing…

What “rewards”? Are you asking as publisher or user?

user way back 2017, so basing on span of time my BAT wallet on Brave browser is only less than 3bat.

The only way for users to earn BAT is by opt-in to Brave Ads which is launched almost a year ago.

I remember there was a reward before if someone download brave and use Brave as browser, and we send referral link to accumulate Bat. none of those were fulfilled, come to think of it for 2 years use of Brave browser, bat on my wallet is less than 3bat?

Referral program is only available for creators/publishers. And only pay for confirmed referral.

I did create and sign up to as creator but no reward received.

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