Don't received BAT yet

Hi. A did not rececived BAT reward on my browser. My friend get it after 1 day using browser on mobile phone and my second frient get it after 2 days. We installed it in the same time about 1 week ago.

Do you know when can i get BATs or why i didn’t received this but they did?

I have also enrolled for this browser yesterday itself. But didn’t get the BAT TOKENS. Even though I have made it my default browser. Few people have got their BAT tokens who have registered on same date or download the brave browser by using Brave Browser Refer & Earn Link. But still I am waiting…

Same problem happens with me.

I have the Same Problem, didn‘t any ads/ rewards to earn BAT.

But Brave Reward is on.

What is the Problem.

I‘m looking forward to your reply

In my case, the situation does not change. Since about 20 days still i didn’t get BAT’s, but from my refer link few of my friends get BAT’s in 2 days. This is my link

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