Restore Tab Group Options?

How can I quickly restore a saved Tab Group?

I’m doing research for a report. I added my to a new tab group, then saved a bookmark of all of the tabs in that group via “Bookmarks > Bookmark All Tabs…

I’d like to restore that tab group, with an option to “Open Tab Group in New Window” from the bookmarks menu.

To restore the tab group, I open the bookmarks manager, scroll down to that tab group, then select all, then right click, then choose “open all (n) in a new window”. That’s useful.

A faster option to do that would be nice. I’m not trying to “manage” my bookmarks in that case, just restore the tab group.

How about an option in the bookmarks folder to “restore tabs in new window”?

This could be either as a bookmarks submenu option, a context menu, or by consolidating “tab group” bookmarks as one item rather than a subcategory of bookmarks.

A consolidated “Tab Group” Bookmarks menu item would require fewer clicks and submenus. It could be represented in the Bookmarks menu with a name and number of tabs, as, e.g. “Custom Named Tab Group (5)”.

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