Create Bookmark folder based on tabs group

It would be great to have the ability to save all the tabs inside a group in a Bookmark folder.

Basically, when you right-click on the group tab, show an option to generate a folder with all the tabs being bookmarked.

It’s super useful when you have several groups and you want to clear your tab space for a while because you want to focus on something but you don’t want to lose all the tabs grouped there.

Great suggestions. If I might add, please also allow tab groups and bookmark folders to be saved to an html-file. (Currently you can only export all bookmarks into one single file.)

EDIT: By the way, until these suggestions get implemented, you can work-around by selecting a range of adjacent tabs (such as the ones in the group you want to save) and saving them to a bookmark folder. Just click the first (or last) tab in the group, hold down shift and click the last (or first) tab in the group, then right-click the highlighted range of tabs and click “Bookmark all tabs…”. Sorry, I should have mentioned this immediately.

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