Tab Group Merge

Tab groups are an amazing way to organize your tabs. You have options to create a group and ungroup them on the group right click. But no option that will merge(add all the tabs in the group you clicked on) to another group.

There is no good current way to combine multiple groups short of clicking each tab to send to a diff group or drag them.

I REALLY like Groups and use it in vertical side view. With larger 30" screens it works great.

I have done a “Save all tabs” to bookmarks to my Groups, but since I add new urls to the different url Groups I have open, I don’t want to save these as new Bookmarks, and have multiple Bookmark tree of sites.

I would like to save the Group tabs in existing Bookmark folders, and if any new, it should add any new bookmarks.

I tried to do a folder over folder in Bookmark manager to see if it would merge and add new urls, but I may have missed the process.