Request for Hardware-accelerated video decode (vaapi) on Linux!

Dear “Brave” developers, good afternoon!

I would ask you to add Hardware-accelerated video decode (vaapi) on Brave browser on Linux!

For some reason Google has removed that option form Chromium project on Linux by default, but there is a chromium project that patched vaapi!

It’s very important for many of Linux users to have that option because without vaapi, when you watch a video with vp09 codec (Every video on YouTube nowadays) at 60fps or 4K, the system’s CPU, can load up to 90%!

On the other hand, with vaapi enabled CPU can decode a video in company with the GPU and as final result, the CPU’s load is about 25%!

In conclusion, you could use the available patch ( to bring back this very important feature!

Many thanks,
Mark A

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