Request for a warning if closing a window with multiple tabs + sidebar + screenshot function

there are many requests for this but all with no solution. mostly even with no reply :frowning:

why is there no warning if you close a window with multiple tabs? its really needed.
sometimes it just happens that you press the “x” by accident.

other browsers have this warning (opera, vivaldi)
i switched to brave some days ago and this is really a deal breaker.

(in one thread about this topic i found this workaround. Dont close browser when close last tab but that doesnt cut it that good. i have to klick on that page everytime i reopen that window with multiple tabs open, so a simple browser based warning would be much better)

plus, a sidebar would be really nice. i switched from opera and i used that sidebar a lot. u have everything u need there just with one click without the need to always search in the menu for it.

plus a screenshot function (and scrollshot) where u can save the pic directly without copy/paste to an image editor would be good too. sure there are extensions for this but browser based is always more comfortable.

thanks in advance