Request for a warning if closing a window with multiple tabs + sidebar + screenshot function

there are many requests for this but all with no solution. mostly even with no reply :frowning:

why is there no warning if you close a window with multiple tabs? its really needed.
sometimes it just happens that you press the “x” by accident.

other browsers have this warning (opera, vivaldi)
i switched to brave some days ago and this is really a deal breaker.

(in one thread about this topic i found this workaround. Dont close browser when close last tab but that doesnt cut it that good. i have to klick on that page everytime i reopen that window with multiple tabs open, so a simple browser based warning would be much better)

plus, a sidebar would be really nice. i switched from opera and i used that sidebar a lot. u have everything u need there just with one click without the need to always search in the menu for it.

plus a screenshot function (and scrollshot) where u can save the pic directly without copy/paste to an image editor would be good too. sure there are extensions for this but browser based is always more comfortable.

thanks in advance

I hope you don’t mind, @Mysteryo :slight_smile:

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No problem if it can move the schmilblick. :slight_smile:

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Oui, faire avancer le schmilblick :slight_smile:

Qu’est ce que le schmilblick ? :scream: :joy:

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Did I make a reference too old for you… or that is happiness that I know a little French literature? :sweat_smile:

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Le schmilblick est une référence plus vieille que moi, du temps de Pierre DAC (1950) mais perso, n’ayant que 39 ans cette année, j’ai connu le schmilblick par Coluche, même s’il est mort alors que je n’avais que 4 ans.

Les connaissances, aussi légères soient elles, c’est ce qui fait de nous ce que nous sommes. Chaque individu est unique, on a encore la chance de ne pas être stéréotypés, d’être des clones en série. Alors je ne me moque pas.

Si tu connais le schmilblick, il va falloir que je trouve quelque chose de plus difficile. (mais au fait, tu ne m’as pas réellement dit ce que c’était…) :smiley:

PS : Je crois que nous sommes en train de pourrir le sujet initial. Si tu veux parler français, continuons en MP.

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