Warning window when closing the browser on PC

Hi everybody,
I think it would be interesting to add a feature like that.
I often close the browser instead of the desired tab.

Firefox example

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Hi, @Mysteryo, I saw a request for this feature :smiley:

It’s about a year old, but if you post to it, it will be seen better. Users can click their vote in the top-left corner of the post, too :slight_smile:

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Sorry saereV, I didn’t go back that far. ^^

Only 3 members vote, me included… :joy:
A bottle in the sea… :smile:

No, sorries, needed - I just thought you would like to know about it, because it’s about the same request plus it can get votes :slight_smile:

I know about it because I made a feature request, too, and I was reading through some of the others. There are some really nice requests there. But it is funny to me, because some are very popular and have many replies… but hardly anyone ever votes :upside_down_face:

One of the votes is mine, I think the other is the OP’s… mine only has 2 haha

2 or 3 votes is ridiculous, isn’t it ? From how much does the support take into account the request ?

We come back to this famous concern for understanding, I have to do the research in English, and often translating the French word into English no longer means anything in real. :sweat_smile:

You have made a unpopular request about what ? I can add my voice, it will have more weight. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I really don’t know. :confused:
I think the number of votes help, but also, the number of (positive) replies, because not many leave a vote.

You can type your posts/ replies to me in French - then the work will be split, 50/50 :smiley:

My request is actually about this forum, the Community :no_mouth:

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we ise the same device . tks

You know, French is a complex speak.
Mais je pense que je vais continuer en français, ainsi tu ne seras pas la seule à te moquer. :thinking: :sweat_smile:

I will throw an eye to your request. Le plus long sera de traduire correctement. :slight_smile:

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I had this thought in mind, too lol

Juste est juste :slight_smile:

Edit moved to right place lol

No votes because most people don’t go that far to try to contact browsers support, or try to change something at all.
Necessary feature, I’ll make a new post now.

I agree it is needed