Release Channel 1.41.96

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Full Release Notes

  • Added Solana Dapp support for Brave Wallet. (#23520)
  • Added Solana support for importing accounts and creating transactions from Ledger with Brave Wallet. (#23061)
  • Added Brave Wallet notifications for successful or failed transactions. (#19885)
  • Added the ability to hide networks from displaying in Brave Wallet under brave://settings/wallet/networks. (#23208)
  • Added the ability to edit known networks for Brave Wallet. (#23207)
  • Added the ability to change custom RPC URLs for known networks. (#20517)
  • Added direct routes to specific Brave Wallet onboarding pages. (#22589)
  • Added direct routes to specific account management modals in Brave Wallet. (#22588)
  • Added “Force Paste” option to right click context menu. (#22567)
  • [Security] Fixed Developer Tools console leak in Tor window as reported on HackerOne by bugm0nkey. (#23579)
  • [Security] Implemented HSTS partitioning. (#18830)
  • Implemented time-limited sync code words. (#22242)
  • Improved privacy by preventing pages from passing identifiers through “”. (#5910)
  • Improved general performance by removing unused Brave Shields blocking data for closed tabs. (#23559)
  • Updated Brave Wallet to show asset information while loading balances. (#23436)
  • Updated the UI to include clickable “Learn more” links on certain Brave Wallet account modals. (#23531)
  • Updated Brave Wallet UI to preserve whitespace in the signature message text. (#22699)
  • Updated text from “web 3” to “web3” across various Brave Wallet pages. (#23328)
  • Updated Brave Wallet right click context menu text. (#23033)
  • Updated UI for when Brave Rewards balance cannot be fetched. (#20991)
  • Updated Omaha installer version for Windows to v1.3.36.131. (#23047)
  • Updated the size of hover indication and clickable area for the new tab button. (#22902)
  • Moved brave://adblock to brave://settings/shields. (#8838)
  • Fixed localhost being incorrectly set for both Ethereum and Solana for Brave Wallet. (#22959)
  • Fixed inability to complete Moonbeam transactions with Brave Wallet. (#23529)
  • Fixed Brave Shields being disabled by default in certain cases. (#23214)
  • Fixed various UI/UX issues with Brave Shields. (#22546)
  • Fixed incorrect hover shape for folders on the bookmarks bar. (#23667)
  • Fixed the edit top site dialog displaying in the background of the New Tab Page. (#23685)
  • Fixed URLs not being debounced. (#22894)
  • Fixed incorrect color for “Show Sponsored Images” toggle when disabled. (#22645)
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