Release Notes 1.41.96: Updated Brave Wallet to show asset information while loading balances. (#23436)

Does anyone know what the note below from Release Channel 1.46.96 means? I do not understand what the release note means, when it is applied, or even why it is necessary. Nothing has changed as far as I can tell. Can anyone explain?

  • Updated Brave Wallet to show asset information while loading balances. (#23436 )

I disconnected from my custodial provider and my Rewards showed unverified and 0.00 balance which I would expect. When I reconnected, my Rewards balance changed to display the balance in my custodial account. Worked like that before and still working like that. This release note is confusing to me!

Does this apply to Uphold only?

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The title of your OP and this-

is related to Brave Wallet. And the GitHub issue & it’s PR you linked are for Brave Rewards. Hence both are entirely unrelated.

The former issue #23436 corrects a display abnormality in Brave Wallet. Earlier when Brave Wallet was unable to fetch balance of a newly added token/asset from custom assets, it neither showed token/asset name nor it’s balance. It showed skeleton view (can be seen on GitHub) for both. Now it correctly shows token name and shows skeleton view only for token balance when unable to fetch.

For last GitHub issue & its PR, earlier when a user with some Brave Rewards balance on custodial account gets logged out, 0.00 was shown in Your Balance and correct balance can only be seen after a separate login to custodial account. This created some confusion like BAT lost etc. Now on being logged-out, no balance will be shown. I don’t know what happens to claimed vBAT (if it will be shown or not) but it will stay in the browser for sure.

To verify it, you will have to Log out form your custodial account not Disconnect.


Re: ‘Updated Brave Wallet to show asset information while loading balances. (#23436 )’

That refers to assets purchased and sold, moving in-to and out-of, as well as stored in, the Brave Browser user’s Wallet (UPPER-case ‘W’ lettering - custodial).

Screen Shot 2022-07-16 at 1.23.48 AM

Re: When balance cannot be fetched from custodian or user is in Logged out state, use unavailable text or “- -” for the Rewards balance #20991

From the Description (conditions):

  • When a user is in a logged out state and can’t query their balance from their custodian, their balance will usually show 0.0 BAT (since all vBAT has already been userdrained to the custodian). [The ‘custodian’, here, is a Custodian Wallet Provider (and usually also an exchange) such as Gemini or Uphold.]

  • Also happens when custodian has downtime and the balance cannot be fetched. So, might be more general than when user is in a logged out state. [The ‘custodian’ here, is a Custodian Wallet Provider (and usually also an exchange) such as Gemini or Uphold.]

Solution suggested in the #20991 issue:

  • Use ‘N/A’ (or some other string), which may be less alarming to users than seeing a declaration of 0.0 BAT.

I am guessing, that is a Brave developer response to the ‘alarming 0.0 BAT’.

Re: Show unavailable message if user is in disconnected state #12839

Borrowing one of the screenshots at that issue (#12839):

I gather that the intent of Brave developers, is to point out, that users - when logged out, or disconnected, and seeing a bunch of alarming ‘0.0’ data - need to Log In (using Uphold example):

Screen Shot 2022-07-16 at 1.46.40 AM

So, overall, the intent is to help reduce the sense of alarm among users seeing a bunch of 0’s.

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@Aman_M @289wk Thank-you!

I swear when I clicked the link in the Release Notes it pulled up the Brave Rewards related issue! Never even saw the Brave Wallet issue. Eeek. Of course, I probably had multiple GitHub issues open… maybe could have jumped to wrong one… who knows. No clue but definitely a user error. :joy:

Makes sense now why I was so confused. Thanks again. :smiley:

Yeah. I think we can believe you. :grin:

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