Reinstall brave without losing information

Brave Version:

Description of the issue:

It started 3 days ago. First I thought it was nothing but later it becomes more worth.

When I’m on any page, it crashes and shows up this message:

It even gets corrupted in the brave settings page:

Today I saw that the brave icon is missing!! image

I don’t want solutions to this problem right now, I just want to know how to reinstall brave without losing my information please…

In Windows go to Add/Remove Programs, find Brave and uninstall it. Note that you will see a box (or be prompted with one) asking if you want to also remove all profile data along with the install – you do not want to do this if you want to keep all your data. Make sure you only uninstall application. Then simply download the installer and reinstall.

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Thanks, seriously. Where’s the Add/Remove thing?

Oh, nevermind, i just searched it on windows

@Flann ,
In the Windows search bar, type Add or Remove programs and you will see the option appear. Note that you will have to click Uninstall, afterwhich you will be asked if you’d like to remove all browsing data as well (which you do not want to do).

As an extra precautionary measure to keep your user data safe – on your Windows machine, you can go to

c:\\users\[your user name]\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-browser\

and make a safe copy of the User data directory found here. Save it somewhere safe. That way, in the event that you accidentally do uninstall everything, you’ll still have all your data saved and can easily re-integrate it into a new Brave browser installation.

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I figured it out but thx anyway!

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