Will i keep everything after reinstalling

My brave app has been showing me notifications that it can’t update itself and brave need to be reinstalled. Will it keep everything after reinstalling or is it clear install? I mean remembered passwords, history, bookmarks etc.

Hi @Irvashi,

Thanks for your q!

All profile data is preserved unless it’s explicitly removed. For example, on Windows, if you go to add/remove programs and uninstall Brave, you’ll be prompted to delete browsing data along with it. But if you don’t check that box, profile data is safe.

As long as you just uninstall, re-download and reinstall, your data should stay put and the browser will launch as if you never uninstalled (basically.)

That seems like a big problem. Are there directions on how to fully purge Brave from your computer after removal? Data should only be kept if upgrading, not if actually uninstalled. Nothing should be kept when uninstalled, so will Brave be fixing this problem in the near future?

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