Region not supported

i am trying to link my verified gemini account to brave reward but is showing this error…

Right, so you’re in an unsupported region for Gemini in regards to Brave. It always is helpful if you can try to search the forum a bit for answers. Not only would you have seen this as a discussion in the general FAQ that’s been flagged, but you’ll also have seen notices by Brave.

Anyway, Gemini has restricted which regions may link Brave to them for a while. ONLY people in the regions listed can link. You didn’t share which region you’re in, but for you to be receiving the Error you’re receiving, I’m assuming you’re NOT in one of the regions.

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And the FAQ I mentioned is PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers

I had a link to that post linked in my prior comment as part of What do I do if Uphold and Gemini don't support my region? in that FAQ. If you’ve not seen it yet, it might be beneficial to look at everything in the FAQ as it helps provide a better understanding of a lot of things.


Since I cannot reply to that other thread, I wonder why they did not choose South Korea, and how can we know when we will be allowed to join their precious club?
I tried a VPN, but it still does not allow me to verify. Brave is not any better if they don’t allow sites to remember I was there 5 minutes ago and don’t need to verify again, and the rewards are going nowhere since I can’t get into the exclusive club.
Now that I spent a bunch of my limited time on Gemini’s sign-up process, they say I can’t join, but the other thread said I can join UPHOLD (maybe), but that means even more time I don’t have signing up with them.
This whole thing makes me want to just stick with the legacy browsers and not try the little guys out.
I can’t even talk to actual Brave support, just some community people who may or may not know what is going on.
I doubt they will even see this…

Correct, and trying to use VPN to bypass restrictions could get your account flagged or banned anyway.

You literally just created your account. So don’t speak like you’ve been trying. Brave employees work here Monday through Friday and sometimes on the weekends. They are a small amount of staff but they try to help those who they can. In order to get assistance, you must submit a Support Ticket, which you would do at

As to which regions, that’s not all on Brave. Right now there has been a lot of issues with people trying to scam Gemini and Brave. In addition, we have all these legal issues from things like Russia and Ukraine where sanctions have been placed on governments. Therefore there have been a lot of temporary restrictions which have been applied to regions.

You saw the other thread, which was created by Brave to share what was going on and provide which countries can currently link to Gemini.

It’s still possible to earn BAT, have the adblocking, and many other features of Brave. The only thing you’ll be restricted on is converting BAT from your browser into anything else. You can use it to tip content creators or let it accumulate in the Brave browser until your region becomes available for Uphold or Gemini again, or that Brave might introduce another option to receive payment from Rewards.

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