Gemini Disconnected from Brave

Few days back i was automatically my Gemini account got disconnected from Brave. Now i am unable to connect Gemini. I am getting an error “Unfortunately, your Brave Rewards cannot be verified because your region is not supported for Brave Rewards verification at this time.” I did my KYC last year on Gemini and i received my rewards from Brave on Gemini. But now i am not able to connect Gemini.
what about the rewards of this month ? How will i receive it ?
what is the issue going on ?

I have seen some other users also has reported same issue. Can brave provide proper solution for this ?

Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done at this time.

Linked the specific links in the above post that relates to your case below. Only the countries listed are eligible for Brave-Gemini verifications.

This topic has a lot of posts and links to relevant information that you might want to read.

In the topic was a link to the reddit post below which also provides additional, relevant information.
Source: Link reference Region not supported error GEMINI - #61 by Aman_M

My region was supported by Gemini. Till last month i received my reward. But Now they say region is not supported. Is it permanent or will they resolve it ? When will they resolve ? I contacted Gemini they say there is no issue.

You need to read the information posted above. Reposting the two links that will answer all the questions you and many others have had below. There are many other topics too. Just do a forum search, they are easy to find. It is much easier for you to read the information that is already out there than it is to repeat and/or repost the information in this one topic. Please read the information posted in the below topics and your questions will be answered.

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