"Region not supported" Effect is more than what you told us

[I’m from Algeria]
Here in PSA: Unsupported Region you stated that
" You still are participating in Brave Rewards and can earn BAT "
NOW this is Ridiculous, you lied to us; I stopped getting rewards on the
publisher page https://publishers.basicattentiontoken.org/
I do have a verified account, so why I’m not collecting any rewards since they are brave sided thing?

(note : the 6BAT on the screenshot been there for long time, “why did it change to not get reward anymore after the Region block thing” is my question)


You are mixing things.

Getting rewards for viewing ads and getting tips from other users are different things. The post you mention is about getting ads rewards.

If you are not verified because you are in an unsupported country, you can still get rewards for viewing ads. They will stay in your browser.
However, if you are in an unsupported country you cannot get tips in your creators account.

Check this out, no one is lying to anyone. You just missed it

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