Error: Region not supported Philippines

I just want to ask about my gemini and uphold Still cannot be verified because of my region, anyone who can help me?

Thank you

There is nothing to be done at this point in time. When any of the following restrictions change, we will be sure to update the Community.

Thank you

I got same problem. Error: Region not supported
What should I do with this problem?

Nothing we can do Philippines is no longer supported

Why is Philippines no longer supported?

@Mattches - then what’s the point if we can’t withdraw the BAT that we’re earning?

Point in what? Earning BAT? Using Brave? Or what?

Keep in mind Brave Ads are there to put Users in control of ads they see and to earn BAT from it. That BAT is ideally then used by Users to support Creators of their favorite websites. Many people are using it as a secondary income to help with little things, but that’s not all that there is.

That part aside, limitations to regions are temporary. Brave is always looking for other options and trying to be available to as many people as possible. Keep in mind, they are making money from people participating in Ads. If they can’t support a region, that means there’s a loss of potential profit for them.

Your option now if you want to participate in Rewards is to just keep storing up your BAT and then when changes come that allow you to access it, such as if they get p2p tipping, you may finally get access. In the meanwhile, you can also tip Verified Creators who are running websites so they have incentive to make new things available for you.

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