Region is not supported for Brave Rewards pls help

Yes bro same problem is here i am from India there currently running ads but my uphold wallet is automatically disconnected when i was try to reconnect it shows an e

Am using latest version of brave

i’m from South Africa but when i go on offcial website of uphold i then search for areas of availability south africa appears same as Gemini south africa appears

@Karabelo , @Ujjwal07

Regarding Supported AND Un-Supported Regions, see the following:

Guys, try to understand this.

Gemini & Uphold wallets alone are still working in a lot of countries that’s why their websites says they are active. But the support with Brave Browser is now limited.

In India, you can still use these wallets alone but cannot use them for brave anymore.

In South Africa, only uphold is active with brave. So use that please.

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I’ve lost Uphold support in Brave in South Africa yesterday. Just on my home pc, still logged in on my work pc.

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