Not getting brave bat after 14 reffral confirmed ✅

I’m not getting my brave reward even after 14 reffral confirmed… Please let me know what will o do…
Brave please check my account… I’m not getting bat…

Hello @Rishabhdinkar, how are your case going on? Have you recieved your lost tokens already? Regards.

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No sir…
I didn’t receive yet!

Please do something and help me !

Thanks & regards

Rishabh dinkar

Thank you for your response, I’m waiting for solution too, I thought you recieved lost tokens. I’m sure they fix out this soon. Please write here if you would notice any changes. Best Regards.

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Thanks for your response, but I’m too confused what will i do and how can i contact developer to request them to send my tokens please help me !
Thanks & Regards
Rishabh dinkar

I think we should wait, they know this issue and they are working on fix it, please follow this topic below:


Thank you so much… For your support and your response…
I’m waiting here for my reward

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