Refunds e-mail address no longer available


I wrote support on May 11th requesting my April payout after the bug that caused many people to not be able to claim their BAT.

I received a response today stating that I did not provide enough information in my e-mail and that a copy-and-paste of my internals page was required as well as the exact amount I was missing. The thing is I had written both of those in my e-mail. Very, very clearly.

The e-mail from support also told me to message my response to before June 30th, otherwise I will not be able to claim my refund.

I attempted to e-mail that address two hours later with that exact information (the information I had already provided) and I get an auto-response stating that the e-mail is closed.

What gives?

Sounds identical to my issues. I still have no idea if we are going to get a refund. I’m not even convinced brave support read these posts.

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