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“Increments after minimal usage of the Brave Browser over a 30 day period. Please note that the $5 BAT rewards are only given out for confirmations.

What does it mean “usage over a 30 day”? Just run the browser every day? Does he need to login to his publishers account?I don’t understand what is included in the concept of “usage”?

Si tu se lo dices a un amigo. Y ese amigo descarga Brave tu amigo devera de utilizar es decir navegar en Brave durante 30 dias no consecutivos un minuto al día y te recompensaran con 30 - 40 bats.

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Yes @turbigi. That new user should use Brave for minimally 30 days. Then it’ll be counted as “Confirmed” referral.

They don’t need to log in or create a publisher account since you’re referring new users not new publishers.

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What a TRAP ! Brave exactly said that “Creators get 5 USD in Basic Attention Tokens for each person who “DOWNLOADS” Brave using their referral code.” BUT then it has added sth not clear that all people who downloaded via my referral code must “install AND use” brave “in” 30 days and in duration that time browser should not be deleted. Okay. But now it becomes clear what you guys didn’t make clear. People have to use 30 days at the minimum.

First it was just for downloads
Then it has changed to install and use in 30 days. (No deletion in duration)
Now it has become have to use 30 days at least.

What a disappointing! and what a Trap!

@Mungunbayar replied on other thread.