Exactly said $5=BAT for each downloads but it was TRAP

Brave attracted people by exactly saying that “Creators get 5 USD in Basic Attention Tokens for each person who “DOWNLOADS” Brave using their referral code.” BUT then it has added something not clear that people who downloaded via my referral code must “install AND use” brave “in” 30 days and in duration that time browser should not be deleted. I was IT’S OKAY, But now it becomes clear what they hide. People have to use it 30 days at the minimum.

First it was just for downloads
Then it has changed to install and use in 30 days. (No deletion in duration)
Now it has become have to use 30 days at least.

What a disappointing! and what a Trap!

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@Mungunbayar “trap” is a strong word. :slightly_smiling_face:

As far as I can remember, since the referral program started, it’s always require user/s to use Brave for 30 days.

There’s a clear description that the new user/s should use Brave, that downloaded via your referral, for minimally 30 days to become a “confirmed” referral/download. https://brave.com/refer

IIRC, it’s also mentioned when you try to activate your referral link on your publishers dashboard.

And from blog post https://brave.com/referral-program/

cc @Asad @mandar

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Please see this

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What if they downloaded, even installed and used but forgot to open again but 30 days gone while they didn’t deleted it, will it be counted and confirmed or not?

Not sure what the issue is here, refer as you wish a certain percentage will stick to using the browser (chrome users) as its got chrome features with extra’s. In the end you get a little kick back for promoting Brave.

Instructions are clear. Post your link, download it, use it for 30 days and tokens are yours.

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