How are "Confirmed" referrals calculated?

Dear Brave Team,

Thank you for an interesting product.

I have a question regarding the way how confirmed referrals are calculated. I did my homework and searched for the answer first, but there are two types of responses I founded:

  1. Confirmed user is someone who used Brave for 30 non-consecutive days at least one minute a day.

  2. Confirmed user is someone who used Brave in 30 consecutive days, but there is no need to use it every day.

If a user uses Brave once in two days in the first case scenario the reward is attributed in 60 days, in the second case scenario, it means that the reward is attributed in 30 under the condition.

Thank you for the information.

@asad please answer this

Taken from our Help Center FAQ:

After you verify your channel and opt-in to the referral promotion, you will see three metrics being tracked on the dashboard.

  1. Downloads - Increments if a user you referred downloads the Brave Browser using your referral code.

  2. Installs - Increments when a user opens the Brave Browser for the first time.

  3. Confirmations - Increments after minimal usage of the Brave Browser over a 30 day period. Please note that the $5 BAT rewards are only given out for confirmations.

@Mattches Thank you for the brisk answer, I have seen it and pardon my English. Does “a 30 day period” means that the conditions will be met by using Brave 30 consecutive days with usage once in two days?

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To be honest I always feel a bit awkward answering questions like this – I say this because that’s honestly about as much as everyone needs and is can to know.

There are certain specifics or functionality that we simply cannot divulge entirely/in explicit detail given the amount of fraudulent accounts that get flagged. Users seeking to game the system would/will take this information and use it to their advantage.

I apologize for the inconvenience – I know it’s vague but as long as the users who downloaded/installed are real and they use it over these 30 days as described above, they’ll be counted.

Hope this helps!

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@Mattches That makes sense, and I do not need to know that. I wanted to know that if 30th day after installation passes and there is no confirmation it means that none of the installations has been validated or there is a possibility of delay due to the way how the system works.

I do appreciate the interest in the inner workings of the system, but again I apologize – 30+ days is the answer I’m cleared to give. Hope you understand :slight_smile: