Referral Promo - Download not confirmed


I’m a Publisher and my dashboard shows 20 download.
I know for sure that some people have used the browser in the last month, but the dashboard continues to show only 2 confirmed downloads.
Can you explain me why?

Thanks in advance

Hello, they have to keep using it minimally for at least a month (30 days), not just within the past 30 days. For example, if they use the browser for 3.5 weeks and then stop using it after 3.5 weeks, you will not be rewarded. Hope that helps!

Ok, if I understand correctly, people must use the browser for 30 days (even non-continuous), but days of actual use are counted; quite right?

Thanks for your help

Yes, it must be at least 30 days, and there may be a “minimal usage” requirement over the 30 days. We keep the “minimal usage” requirement vague to mitigate bot fraud.

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