It's been a month, but I still have not confirmed yet a referral in the browser?

Screenshot_20190714-222922_Brave Screenshot_20190714-223013_Brave

For every reward, one user has to download, install and then use the browser for 30 days. It is to be expected that not every user who downloads the browser will also become an active user. Many will just try it out for a few days before removing it again.

From the picture it looks like only about 5 users could potentially finish the 30 day period around this time.
Also, if you know them personally and they are active users, it might take a while for them to appear as such in your dashboard.

I would give it some time and come back again here, if nothing changes.

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Yes I know them individually. Their use has been more than 30 days. Still, what is the reason for not being confirmed?

If they really did use the browser, then I think they should be confirmed soon. How much longer than 30 days are we talking about? If it’s just a little over 30 days, I would still think it’s normal. It might just take a while.

Hopefully you will get your confirmations soon!

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