Red Dottet Borders in Brave Browser

Hi! Since today there are some red dottet borders in my Brave Browser Desktop Version(like in the screenshots i send here)
I have Reinstalled Brave with the newest Version, i have Win10 and with other Browsers i doesnt have this Problem.

brv 2 brv 3

Picture 1 shows the Brave Support Page,
Picture 2 shows Youtube
Picture 3 shows an Facebook ad.

Do anyone have this Problem too?

The Brave Version is the latest.

is there maybe some contact email adress of brave for the support?

Hi @dvlzgrmz, welcome to Community!
Can you create a new profile > navigate to the same sites > and let me know if those red dots still appear?

Hi! Thank you, you are right, if i “Create a New Profile” the red dotted borders doesnt appear anymore. But what does that mean?

@dvlzgrmz, that means there are some settings in your main profile that causes those dots and Brave itself.
Can you try disabling all of your extensions. Do the red dots disappear?
If they do disappear, the next steps would be to enable each extension one by one, and seeing which one causes the issue.

Thank You!

It was an Ad that was making this, the funny thing is that i had it already for weeks and this doesnt appeared before. But I dont need the ad anymore, thank you :slight_smile:

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