Recovering from iMac system crash with Brave Recovery Key

After my iMac crashed I did a clean install of Mojave OS, but my Brave account didn’t migrate to the newly-installed system. I went back to the web page that lists the Brave Browser Rewards Wallet Backup/Recovery steps, but my Brave Browser (version 1.1.23) doesn’t show the “Backup your Wallet” under the Settings button. I poked around but couldn’t find it anywhere. What is the correct procedure for restoring my account and Rewards Wallet?

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Hi @MarleyBit,

Thanks for writing in. Did you safe your recovery key by chance?

Yes, I found my Rewards Wallet Recovery Key.

I don’t see the “Backup your Wallet” under Rewards Settings. Here is what it looks like:

Where else can I look?


@MarleyBit the Settings is at brave://rewards not brave://settings

Here is the brave://settings window. I don’t see the Backup button.


Found “Restore” function & I’m back on line.

Thank. You.


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Awesome @MarleyBit!!