Requesting help with restoring brave wallet

as mentioned above i lost access to brave wallet
and dont have recovery key
is there any way to restore wallet/make new one

Can you tell me how you lost access to your wallet? Additionally, when you say you don’t have a recovery key, do you mean you didn’t save/create one?

Lost Access to wallet during brave update
Also i didint Created key

czw., 28 lut 2019, 22:24 użytkownik Mattches via Brave Community [email protected] napisał:

@Hrumn, sorry for the late response.

:point_up: To which update are you referring to?
The update in version to v0.60.45, or the upgrade from Muon (old Brave build) to new Brave “core” build (with chromium UI)?

From Old Brave to New Brave if i remember good

That’s what I thought, just wanted to make sure we were on the same page.
So the next question is whether or not you still have your wallet data on your machine. To do this:

  1. Navigate to the appropriate directory based on the Operating System you’re using
    • Windows - ~[Your User Profile]\%AppData%\Roaming\brave
    • macOS - /Users/[Your User Name]/Library/Application Support/brave
    • Linux - ./config/brave
  2. Confirm that this folder does exists - if not, we may be out of luck
  3. If it does, ensure that it contains a file called ledger-state.json

Let me know what you find out and we can continue with next steps for importing your wallet.

Got both Said Folder and file

Sorry for the late reply.
Now that you have both of those:

  1. Install Brave Muon (you can get the binary from our Github)
  2. Once Brave Muon is installed, you have two options
    • Open Brave Core (new), go to [Menu] --> Bookmarks --> Import Bookmarks and settings, select Brave (Old) from the drop-down box and ensure you check the Brave Payments box on the data to be imported.
    • Alternatively, once Brave Muon is installed, launch it and follow instructions to backup wallet data from within the browser - then resto re it in Brave Core.

first method failed for some reason
second one worked

big thx for help

and don’t worry about late responses

since i probably sleep when you work☺

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Glad to hear it!
Thanks for your patience!