Recover tabs after "Close all tabs"

I was trying to open a New Private tab and accidentally have pressed on Close all tabs:

Now, I want to re-open the closed tabs.
I know I can go to History to find my tabs. The problem is that, as I see on my device, History does not save the entire session, it preserve the sites sorted by the date they have been accessed. So I would have to go one by one many weeks back. And “my History” is very long.

I might have had tabs there from August (3+ months ago).

I have checked via the following command when was the app was installed:

adb shell 'dumpsys package com.brave.browser | grep -e "firstInstallTime"
>    firstInstallTime=2021-08-12 xx:xx

I then looked at the earliest site stored in History and it is from Sept 16.
Does this mean that would not be able to restore tabs from 3+ months ago?

Most importantly:

  • How do I recover the tabs easier than going through my entire History?

Is there any way I can do that by using adb?

Clear data on exit - Off
Close tabs on exit - Off

Andoid 10; Build/QKQ1.191014.012
Brave 1.32.115

I believe Brave stores history in this way for up to 90 days. Unfortunately there won’t be any easy way to do this (to my knowledge) other than opening them directly from history.

I have backed-up Brave data with:

adb backup com.brave.browser

Is there any useful information that I could extract from the .ab file?

I am trying to explore the backup.ab file using the piece of code suggested here:

import io
import zlib
import tarfile

with open('backup.ab', 'rb') as f:
    data =

tarstream = zlib.decompress(data)
tf =

When I attempt to print the contents of the tarfile:

for tarinfo in tar:

that command does not output anything.

What should the backup.ab file contain?

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