Recommended IPFS configuration for multiple profiles?

Hello, I recently started experimenting with the IPFS daemon included with Brave, and it works fine if I just use one Brave profile at a time. However, Typically I have 3-4 profiles open at the same time.

How would I configure Brave and the IPFS companion so it doesn’t matter in which order I open / close the profile windows?

If I use the same configuration for all profiles, then Brave spins up multiple ipfs-go daemons. If I configure the other profiles to use an external gateway (which I set to localhost), then it only works if the primary profile is open.

Brave should either just spin up one daemon and share it across profiles, or launch the daemons on different ports. (The latter might be too resource hungry.)


You should run your own IPFS node then use a gateway setting that points to the same local node for all profiles.

K. This should be made more intuitive, though. I didn’t see any information that the Brave-provided node can only be used with one profile.

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