Receiving crypto from another wallet

Description of the issue: I sent from another wallet of mine around 6$ worth of ETH, which i asked in the other wallet and they said that they were sent successfully but i didnt receive anything

Is the issue occurring on a specific network? optimism

What operating system are you using? windows 10

Brave Version (check About Brave):1,57,53

Additional Information: i never got the ethereum, but i cant send the money to other place because of the gas fees

Just want to make sure, do you have ETH on Optimism as a visible asset in your Brave Wallet?

For example, screenshot from mine. You see where ETH on Optimism has a checkmark in the box, so it’s visible. If yours is off, then you wouldn’t be seeing it.

If you need a bit of help on how to check all of that, you can kind of see it at * Adding new asset to Brave Wallet

Thanks, but i did tick it and it still shows as 0$ at Optimism ETH as you can see here

@nico1 When it sent, it should have a tx number. Have you looked at the tx to see if it shows it has arrived? Just because it was sent doesn’t mean it could have arrived. Especially did not pay a lot of gas or anything.

it says it was a success in both transactions

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