Lost Crypto Wallet, Likely know password but unsure how to recover


For some reason one day when I logged into Brave, I was disconnected from Crypto Wallets and I’ve since been unable to access the wallet I need. I likely can guess or know the password associated with the account, however crypto wallets is trying to access a different wallet when I’m entering a password (I believe I must have created a new wallet after my initial one). I have the public address and I haven’t reformatted my computer. Is there any chance I can still gain access with a password? I don’t have the seed phrase unfortunately.

The short answer is no. Without the seed phrase there is no way to recover a crypto wallet. This is the way crypto wallets are designed. This is why so much emphasis is placed on storing the seed phrase in a safe place during the sign up process.

I still have a copy of my app data from that time. Is there no association with the wallet stored there?