R.srvtrck browser redirect only in brave. not able to reproduce in chrome or firefox

The r.srvtrck.com browser hijack is in my browser and I have no idea how to get rid of it. It is not showing up in other browsers and malware bytes does not pick it up but it is still there. Attempted to post on reddit but my post was flagged as spam for some reason. Have seen others asking how to remove it from brave with no answers. Is this a total flaw or a simple mistake?

Version 1.16.72

Can you provide more information?

No. I cannot provide more information as I cannot reliably reproduce the problem.

http:/ /r .srvt rck.com/v2/go?ai=2ee3c9aae69c4e8db563c63e7b905f40&eu=stmpc%3At%2Fgwa.twrwe%2F.sot%2Fh&t=7tape%3A4%2F3pd.2o6u9e2edwbrb.doc%2Fcu%3A%2Fi3e2i1_0010ac84dd263a39cc247172f5e8409f81a180c000d03%3Dfod%3F7e27a067ldg3va3e4900154b93a850486755c79e8f51e2807d65d1eb62s1t0_adt2ocm4c4k2oct4n9t9l8s1i2a3%2F8s0tdh&sct=0&ct=1604175548047&cu=fa058456251c49c895ae68d746cd0e06&w=4&e=1&cs=c54ccf970284146149998daf99f181dc

here is one of the examples I was able to save before the redirect loop kicked in. The malware will briefly hijack my browser if I go to a know website. Say target, best buy, or amazon. I do not know what else it is doing. It does not happen in private browsing I have removed all extensions but it still happens from time to time. I cannot figure out where to remove the embedded cookie or whatever is compromising the browser.

(broke the link above to not give hits)

Hey @NeedTechSupport


I would try a tool like Malwarebytes (clean in normal windows mode, then reboot into Safe-mode) and clean again.


:point_up: I came here to suggest the same thing – please let us know how this goes @NeedTechSupport

Same problem here.
AdBlocker Ultimate cannot block it.

Just got this piece of crap when looking for a new laptop.
[no problem from the same link to laptops on Firefox and Chrome]


See the first link @Larry1992

Err … the Malwarebytes link only confirms that Malwarebytes is useless in this case.
I had already used their recommended Farbar Recovery Scan Tool which shows zilch.
The redirects persist.
I’ll remove Brave and go back to Firefox.

Note, its not a Brave issue. Its a system issue. Scanning your pc for malware would be a first step.

Because r.srvtrck.com hasn’t infected firefox in the same way doesn’t mean it’s still not on your system.

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