Quickly change user profiles and multiple user profile management

Hello. I understand user profiles are supposedly useful for having different brave set-up for multiple users using the same environment. However, in this age of multi-tasking and privacy privy world, user profiles are even more useful when we want to have control over our accounts / services accessed through the browser. This can easily be done through user profiles on brave.

Now, brave already allows each user profile to have its own bookmarks, settings, and privacy controls. And that is great. Now we just need an ability to change between user profiles quickly at just a click of a button or a keyboard shortcut.

Following are good options to add to the future release:

  1. Ability to attach a keyboard shortcut to each user profile.
  2. Ability to switch between user profiles using a keyboard shortcut. Or a mouse gesture or a single button.
  3. Ability to have passwords to access user profiles.
  4. Ability to sync these profiles with a single mobile device (as of now android app only allows one single user profile sync).
  5. Ability to make one user profile as a default profile which is loaded whenever brave is launched.
  6. Ability to support windows (or any operating system) user level configurations separate from brave user profiles. So what I mean here is brave will be installed for individual users of OS. Each individual user of that OS will again have multiple brave user profiles. That will allows the same user to have multiple browser setup in the same OS login.