Question about bookmark folders and windows

I know that you can open all of the links in a bookmark folder into a new window, and I also know that you can give the window a name. Is there a way to make that name “sticky” so that the window gets that name every time that folder is opened? Or is there a way to make the folder name be the window name without having to do it every time?

Hello @rosiecar

what you mean with make the window name sticky could you give some screen shoot

Right-click next to (not ON) the new-tab button (+). “Name window” is on the drop-down menu near the bottom. You can give an active window a name, but once you close the window, the name is lost, even if you bookmark all of the tabs to a single folder. Even if you give that folder a name, when you open all the tabs from that folder into a new window, the window will not have a name.

What I would like to happen is that when I give a window a name and bookmark all of the tabs to a new folder, the folder will be named with the name of the window. And when I open all of the tabs in a folder into a new window, the window would be named with the name of the folder. Is there currently any way to do this?

If there is currently no way to induce this behavior, I will move this to a feature request.

thanks for explaining but i do not have a idea if that available so let us wait till someone form the team to confirm that

and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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For some reason, what you are asking for is possible only once. I see that as a bug, but even if it was possible all the time, it’s not convenient in its current implementation so I suggest that you open a feature request here or on Github.

You could give it a look:

  1. Open brave://settings/getStarted.
  2. Select Continue where you left off under On startup.
  3. Name a window.
  4. For the window to retain its name, you have to close Brave specifically via the hamburger menu at the top-right corner → Exit.

The first time you open Brave, the window will have a custom name, but the next time you perform step 4 from above, the custom window’s name will be gone.

I guess Brave developers can change the behavior by implementing a toggle in settings or a flag under brave://flags, so users’ preference can be saved for longer than one exit.

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Hi @rosiecar , you might want to check out the ‘Tabli’ extension. It doesn’t do exactly what you requested, but you are able to name/save/restore sets of tabs and they are stored as Bookmark folders.

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