'Name Window' feature

The ‘Name Window’ option – which I just stumbled across accidentally, not having been aware there even was such an option – is interesting.

What would make it even more interesting would be seeing an array of all the open tabs display (as a flyover) by cursoring over each window listed in the Window dropdown.

That goes a significant step further than the Tab dropdown listing, because the latter requires you to actually be in the window to see the tabs in that window.

The option I’m recommending would allow the user to cursor over any or all window(s) listed in the Window dropdown and quickly see the tabs in each window without having to first open any of those windows.

For the way I work, usually with lots of windows and tabs open, that would be of monumental value.

I have implemented a less-than-optimal workaround to this buy creating simple local webpage on my HD titled with the topic(s)/theme(s) that I currently have for all ~25 windows that I always have active.

I use Open Office writer to make a simple banner page that I export as html.

For each browser, I set the first tab to the local theme page.

So now when I look at the listing of open browser windows, the page name (same as the topic name) appears in the selection menu.

The only down side is that I have to remember to make sure the first tab is always reselected after transitioning to another window.

If this process could be directly implemented into the browser SW, this would make it possible to leave the window on any tab while allowing the OS menu selector to hook the desired theme name.

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Thanks @libertarious, but what does that add to BRAVE’s current ‘Name Window’ feature?

Unless I’m misunderstanding, your workaround also appears to be directed at a different issue than the one I raised. By ‘naming’ windows I can readily see the window ‘themes’ for all open windows in the Window dropdown.

What I wanted was a quick display of the tabs in each window without having to open any windows.

I suggested that might be done by incorporating a ‘flyover’ display of the tabs while hovering the cursor over the window name (equivalent to what you call a ‘theme’ If I understood you correctly) as it displays in the Window dropdown. It could also be achieved through a right click on the window name, or by some other method.

That’s different from what you’re referring to, isn’t it?

You are correct, “Name Window” is precisely the function I was looking for, but was unaware of until doing more deep diving on the browser.