Name (title) of bookmarks subfolder reverted to "New folder" when renamed in left sidebar

I decided to edit the name of a bookmark subfolder.

The ‘rename’ option appears to be available both on the main screen and in the left sidebar.

I chose the left sidebar.

When I renamed the subfolder, the name of the folder (the same subfolder) on the main screen reverted to ‘New folder.’

Is that a bug or did I do something illegal?

Brave Release / Mac OS Mojave

This works as intended for me:

You may have accidentally hit Cancel instead of Save after renaming the folder.

> You may have accidentally hit Cancel instead of Save after renaming the folder.

Not sure what happened there. I see now that the ‘New folder’ got created a level down from the subfolder I referred to.

But I didn’t click on the ‘New folder’ again after creating the original subfolder that I had renamed. Is there a keystroke that creates a ‘new folder’ that I could have accidentally hit?

Anyway, I just deleted the ‘New folder,’ which was, of course, empty.

I’ll wait and see if it happens again if you have no further thoughts on how a ‘New folder’ got created without my clicking on the upper right 3-dots menu, which is the only way I know to create a new folder.


@mattches Something similar just happened. I selected ‘all tabs’ in an open window and directed them to a specific existing bookmarks folder.

When I checked Bookmark Manager, I saw (left sidebar) that the bookmarks had all gone into a subfolder (“New folder”) instead of the one I chose.

We can put this one aside and pick it up later. I didn’t mean to divert attention from the calling issue. (But ‘new folder’ does require a proactive action by the user to create it, doesn’t it?)

This sounds like an issue with an installed extension – there’s no reason for Brave to do this by itself.

Either that or its another simple misunderstanding – when you go to Bookmark all tabs these tabs are placed in their own new/unique folder. You’ll see at the top you have the option to “name” that folder. However, if you simply select the nested folder you wish to see those new tabs saved to, you’ll see them in there inside a new folder with the default folder title (New folder):

> when you go to Bookmark all tabs these tabs are placed in their own new/unique folder.

@mattches So how do you just put those bookmarks in the folder that comes up in the menu (or that you click on in that menu) – i.e., an existing folder – without putting them all in a ‘new’ folder that you don’t want?

@Mattches So, if I understand you correctly, Bookmark All Tabs is designed to put all selected tabs into a separate folder, and there is no way to just direct them to an existing folder – i.e., a subfolder will be created under whatever folder is selected in the dropdown menu, and the bookmarks will end up there instead.

In which case a user who just wanted those bookmark in an existing folder would then have to move them to that folder in Bookmark Manager and delete the unwanted subfolder.

The concept (presumably it comes from Chromium) seems very odd to me.

E.g., I frequently store individual tabs as bookmarks in a specific folder (a kind of holding cell) that I maintain for that purpose, and disperse them to other bookmarks folders later. Apparently, if I decide to do this with a group of tabs I will end up with a subfolder in that holding cell folder that I don’t want or need.

I apologize for the inconvenience but that’s the way it is at this time. There are plenty of bookmark manager extensions you may want to try that might have better organizational tools/methodologies.

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@mattches Thanks. I can deal with that oddity.

The bookmark extensions I’ve looked at all appear to change the bookmarks concept to a proprietary one. I’m also not sure about their export options if you want to go back to a browser’s native bookmarks feature.

I like most things about Brave’s Bookmarks and rarely use Bookmark All Tabs except to create a quick backup of tabs in Private or Private TOR windows.

Also, TABLI’s method of ‘saving’ tabs stores them as actual bookmarks. Though I rarely use that feature, it would substitute for Bookmark All Tabs without adding unwanted subfolders.

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