Bookmarks suggestion to be accessed pressing first letter

I’ve been using Brave for 3 years this year, I’m extensively using Bookmarks and I’ve a problem using it that I make folders and every time I’ve a new tab I want to add it to a certain Bookmark folder into my many folders I just can’t find it as searching by pressing the first letter of the Bookmark folder does only show me the folder holding the first letter only appears in my screen, I’ve to scroll down among all the folders and try pressing the letter Until I find it.

This issue caused me, and I don’t know if any other users but to create so many folders having the same name as I can’t find the right folder every time and hope one time to merge the 2 or 3 folders together.

This can be solved if searching the folder name of the bookmarks’ folder is for all the folder like if I press “P” this will show all Python folders not just the current ones in my screen.
thank you

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