Question about ads

Hello, I try to understand your system.
I know that I can make money from Brave rewards, but how do I make money as a content creator?
Can I show ads on my WordPress and make money with Bat?
Everyone is talking about making money from people downloading the browser and start using it.

Publishers ads is not available yet. Last time I heard, it’s in development. Once it’s available , site owner can show ads from Brave.

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Thanks le.el
I wonder if I get payed by views or clicks. I have not used ads in a long time.
Do you know if it’s possible to sign up now and then change domain name later.
I have a website i’m writing content on but going to change domain name when i have secured the right one. I guess it shouldn’t be to hard but…

Have no idea about that. Need to wait for the documentation once publishers ads released.

Have no idea about that too. Maybe @luke.mulks can give an enlightenment. The only thing I’m aware of is it’s in development with an assistance from a selected partners.

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