How do ads support the content creators?

How specifically does Brave Ads support “creators”? When I go to sites the ads are blocked so I fail to see how the creators of the website are being compensated. From what I can tell the “creators” that are compensated are an entirely different set of people who actively join Brave ads.

I don’t like ads or being tracked. However, I’m willing to deal with ads since it supports the websites I visit and I prefer it to paying monthly subscriptions. My dilemma is I don’t have a solution. I either have to allow my privacy to be violated while being shown ads (to support the content creator) or block them all and make the revenue switch from the website content creator to Brave (and their “creators”). If Brave offered an option to just see the ads while presevering personal info that would be fine (not sure if this is possible).

I really enjoy the browser but this is a make or break issue.

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