Getting our Fan Made Publisher listing site featured on

Hi All,

Would anyone be able to advise us how we get our listing site featured on Our site will be similar to, but just for Coops.

It’s a simple listings site where we will list Cooperatives who have become Brave verified publishers. Cooperatives will fill a form in and we’ll give free support to them in getting set-up, in part to help them get their toes wet in Blockchain (which is what we’re here for), but also to then join this community and benefit from Brave Rewards. Most Cooperatives are small concerns, so we see this as a good way to get going with all thing Blockchain.

The site should be up in a few weeks and once we have a handful of Coop’s listed out we’ll put the site live. Naturally, any Coops will still appear on

Thanks in advance,

Mark (for CBF).

Hi @CBF,

Welcome to community and thanks for your post!

CC’ing @chriscat for thoughts on this.

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Hi @steeven / @chriscat,

We started rolling ahead with this and will let you know when it launches :+1:


Mark (for CBF)

Woot! That sounds good.

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