Discovery tools for Verified Brave Publishers

Tonight I began development on a searchable index for VBP sites.

I am looking for feedback, suggestions, site ideas, and people who want to get involved.

MY PROJECTS (I will amke links live as projects bexome usable)


So far, I have coded the script to gather all Verified Brave Publisher (VBP) sites and parse the data into a database.

Another script is running to gather Alexa info and tomorrow I will code the script to get Site meta data (Title, Description, Keywords).

At that point I have enough info to implement Phase I, a free, searchable and automated directory of Brave sites.

FUTURE SITE NAME: bravepop. com

A discovery service for VBP sited like StumbleUpon.

FUTURE SITE NAME: bravle. com

A search crawler so I can build a search engine that indexes Brave sites.


A Brave Twitch Streamer hub and follower club


A Brave Youtube channel discovery service


Free tools for Brave Webmasters. Link exchange, banner exchange, etc.


BAT projects community forum


Social media site for brave users


Guide for using brave amd earning BAT. Free referral ID promotion via banner inclusion in the guide


Arcade site to earn while playing games

If you have feature requests or site ideas, etc please comment!


Hey @joshy do you have github or gitlab repo your working from so we can watch the project?

Not yet but it is a good idea!

UPDATE has a functional brave site search. I am just beginning dev but feel free to test!

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did a search just now and found one result that didn’t show up.
Just wanted to let you know, it’s a good start :slight_smile:

I did other searches and they found a bunch

Yea the index is still building and so far only indexes the homepage. Results are only shown for sites with actual content as well.

I will be working on a crawler to get better results but YES it is functioning :slight_smile:

I cleaned up the results a bit. They engine will search the meta data, title, anchors, and plain text for matching results, but listings will only display Title, meta description, and meta keywords. These are the most basic SEO settings I can think of to use.

I will be posting a meta tag creator for site onwers and an option to customize listing in a .well-known folder.

The BraveDB site is going to be a core site in a larger project. The goal is to rate/review/organize/promote brave publisher content.

Once I make the site design and am satisfied with it as a simple automated DB site for Brave, I will work on phase II… BravePop .com.

BravePop will be a free community site where members can contribute to my various Brave projects and earn ad credits that can be used to promote their projects. The referral program will be amazing and allow everyone to enjoy free advertising within the BraveDB directory and the search engine… Sites that I believe add real value to the community as a whole.

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Thanks for the information, if you would like any help let me know. As a content creator I would like to put input in and be a part of your process!

Here is link to a forum topic I’m discussing concerning non-profits for the Brave community your feedback would be welcome!
For instance how do you feel about search the Discourse forum for applicable non-profit info.


Also seems like a spoof site…If I were to run across it I wouldn’t trust it. It’s to close to and the site admins might take issue with it.

@Mattches what would brave say about the name space

I will reply to your other posts in a sec. Bravle will have a notice that it is not affiliated with Brave beyond the Brave publisher/advertiser tos. Same for BraveDB.

Here is what I envisioned:

A Brave Search Engine (full index, not just bravedb listings) that features Brave search results (top 3 w/ show all button to expand) DIRECTLY ABOVE standard Google CSE results.

I can give options for the search engine to use Yahoo, Bing, Duckduckgo, etc. Basically I do not want to replace what people are using for their default search engine… But rather, supplement it with featured brave results so that Brave Browser users can support, discover, build, and earn from Brave sites when matches exist for their query.

If Bravle is unacceptable, I have BravePop and some other ideas. The name was just a mash of Brave/Google :wink:

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Send me a PM with what you are thinking. I am building a lot of free webmaster tools for BVPs as well and will gladly collaborate!

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Love the initiative!
That said – have you already seen It seems like your site and theirs have similar goals.

Additionally, we’ve recently implemented a feature into the browser wherein visiting a Brave Verified will display a check-mark on the Rewards icon in the address bar:

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Yes, batgrowth offers one presentation of the api data. However, the site is just that. BraveDB currently displays a simple search, however the database being built is going to be core to my Phase II and beyond projects (including discovery tools for YT, Twitch, Twitter, etc).

Batgrowth also seems to include sites and publishers who do not have valid channel ID information and really only functions as a link list.

BraveDB already checks Alexa ranks, meta data and simple content evaluation using DOM objects/php. This will allow data to be presented in a way that is searchable on a basic level. What it lacks is the human element of review and rating, categorization, and TOS verification… As well as community, achievements, and rewards for helping keep a clean directory. These will be handled via … It also lacks full site search context … Building for that.

The checkmark is cool and I will :100: mention it in my faq guides.

Things will make more sense as my projects develop. I am building it with the idea that useful tools built specifically for the Brave webmaster subculture will earn the attention of people who care about the Brave/BAT projects, and in return some earnings from the BraveAds systems.

Tonight I am going to add some search filters … Popluar, Most visited, Country/GEO, Language, Rated, Relevance, and Random… as well as “recently discovered” list just for fun.

I did some basic framing of the site yesterday (right now I am more concerned with functionality than looks) and it is a little too :-1: for me. Going to fix a few little bugs and the cosmetics, as well as continue on the metrics queries.

I know people might see this as a mundane project, but I dig it.

I added a photo display but I think I am going to go with favicon for listings and will add cache code for faster results.

Ummm what else… Going to add some leaderboard stats, 2 additional search types and geo / keyword / url filters as well as actual directory listing exit / preview pages (maybe even webshots).

If not tonight, then tomorrow

Feature Request: Be able to connect to your search site like google search does?

I can do that but for what purpose would we do that? To manage listings/stats?

I’m not sure if you understood, I should have elaborated a bit more.

I’m talking about allowing site creators to access a BraveDB API so that content publishers can bring your searching application into their own Brave Publisher site.

That way people would have an easy way to access a Brave site from another Brave site, sort of like creating a Web of Brave Publishers.

This would be difficult, because I’m not sure how you could/would get credit from the Brave program though, is the only problem.

I personally wouldn’t mind giving you BAT monthly in exchange for the service, but that may not be true for others.

— Personal Use and Project Reason Below –
For me personally I’m working on a Brave Widget for my site and it would be great to add a Brave based search engine that site creators could add to there Brave branding.

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Oh i misunderstood you. Gotcha. So you are thinking to give a search api for the braveDB data that webmasters could use. I could do it in widget form or full api.

Let me think on how it could work.

The premium stuff i plan to offer is more for creators to promote themselves/sites. I would like to monetize involvement in the project eventually so creators earn kickbacks so syndicating the engine is a good idea for how I plan to proceed.