Push Notifications works only if the browser is in focus

I recently noticed that I get the push notification ads on brave only when the focus comes on brave. If I am working on some other app, I never get any push notifications. When I bring the browser to foreground, I immediately get the push notification after 10 sec or so.

I am on macos 12.2

I checked the notification setting. Notification is enabled for brave. Focus/DnD is disabled also.

Is there anything else I need to do to get it working. If I remember correctly, I started noticing this after macos 12.2 upgrade from last week. But dont remember exactly if that is the case or not. But definitely, it was showing push notifications 2-3 weeks before.


@steeven @Aman_M Hey guys, is this an expected behaviour or something strange. I can confirm again that I get the popup ad immediately after switching to brave from another app.

Ads are not delivered if user is inactive. This is working as expected.

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