Publisher.basicattentiontoken acct no Bat Vs. Bat Reward with Bat

Hi, I just want to ask if my publishers.basicattentiontoken acct is different from my Brave Reward acct?

In short, yes, it’s different. Both not connected to each other. is a place for creators/publishers manage their property/ies. For contribution from Brave users, referral program.

While brave:rewards is a place for user to manage their Rewards. Brave Ads, auto/monthly contribution to publishers, and tips.

Thank you fo that Sir, May I also ask if how can I connect my Brave reward to my uphold Acct ? Im using android phone. Thank you

You’ll need to accumulate 25 BAT first in your brave:rewards wallet > use the latest version of Brave > and the option will be available/click-able via BAT triangle icon at URL bar.

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